My Heart Is Healing


Ruby Zoisite can transform negative energy into positive. It is a gemstone of happiness, which increases your love and appreciation of life. It brings inspiration to grow and change (Evolve!). It also physically strengthens the heart and enhances the connections between your brain and your heart. The energy of the Ruby creates psychic protection. This is a great stone for Aries.

Special side note: I hand made and fired this heart charm. It is 99.9% Silver.


  • This is a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Faceted 2mm Ruby Zoisite rondelle beads
  • Hand-made 99.9% silver charm (by me!) and silver clasp.
  • Swarovski crystal and gunmetal findings.
  • Measures about 15 in.
  • Measures about 15 in.