“Imagine” Rhodonite Bracelet


What will you IMAGINE today?

This is a One-of-a-Kind bracelet with a hand-made Ceramic statement bead. This glazed, colorfully speckled beauty is stamped with the word “Imagine.” It is adorned with Swarovski crystal, copper flowers, and Amethyst. The main stone for this bracelet is Rhodonite, which supports the Heart Chakra.

Rhodonite heals the heart and heart chakra. It stimulates circulation and the flow of Chi. It is a stone of love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing. It releases anger, heals wounds from the past and restores one so they can share their gifts for the betterment of all.


  • Handmade “Imagine” ceramic bead
  • 6 mm Rhodonite beads
  • 6 mm Amethyst beads
  • Yellow bicone Swarovski Crystals
  • Copper plated flower beads
  • Powercord Stretchcors
  • Fits 7 – 7.5 in. wrist

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