Dalmatian Jasper Leather Pendant Necklace


I love this finely crafted Leather pendant made by a local Charlotte artist, Cat Babbie. It is dark green, embossed with with light green leaves and yellow dots. It caught my eye because it reminds me of a tree: flexible and moving, yet strongly rooted into the Earth.

This necklace is on a thin leather cord with adjustable clasp. It can be worn any length, from a choker to the maximum of  14 in. from top to bottom.

Dalmation Stone known for its protective and healing properties. It has a grounding energy, supportive of family and loyalty, and has a calming influence for children and animals. It is successful for those in the Veterinary, breeding, training, and handling fields and for those who rescue injured or abandoned animals. It also assists in the ability to overcome an irrational fear of dogs.

It opens the Root, Sacral and Foot Chakras, grounding and assisting you in moving forward in life and discovering your true purpose. It also helps you release tendencies to overthink or overanalyze things. It balances Yin and Yang energy.


  • 1 in. diameter hand-made Leather pendant
  • Wood beads
  • 8 mm Dalmatian Jasper bead
  • Black leather cord

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