Unakite and Rose Quartz Lotus Bracelet


Unakite is one of the most healing crystals of both the heart and mind. It combines Red Jasper, pink Feldspar and green Epidote and together, they balance the emotions and the Heart Chakra. It is also a “growth” crystal, which nurtures new ventures, such as a relationship, a family, or a business.

Rose Quartz is used with the Heart Chakra. It opens the heart, encourages unconditional love, and promotes inner healing. It also aids with physical heart issues and promotes fertility.


  • 8 mm Unakite Beads
  • 8 mm Rose Quartz Beads
  • Gold plated spacers
  • Gold plated Lotus Charm
  • Powercord Stretch cord
  • Fits 7 – 7.5 in. wrist

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