3 Must Have Salt Crystals for Healing

Being a Geology Enthusiast, I am frequently fascinated by Earth’s rocks and minerals. Each one has its own story hidden inside, just waiting for the opportunity of discovery. Being a yogi, though, I also see crystals as conduits of energy and healing. Each has its own...

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Every Healing Journey is an Evolution

My Dear Evolvers, I have gotten so much positive feedback about my new logo and I am excited to share the story behind it with you. Please check it out below! In early 2014, I showed up to my usual yoga class. On that particular day, it turned out to be ANYTHING but...

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Welcome to Evolve!

My Dear Evolvers, Welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to be here and am looking forward to writing about the healing properties of gemstones and crystals. What makes this blog unique is that while I have a great appreciation for stones from a metaphysical...

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