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About Evolve Jewelry

About Evolve Jewelry

We are all in the process of evolving. When our energy is in alignment with our being, we  change, grow and move forward into our essence.  Sometimes, though, we get out of this alignment and feel stuck. We search for answers outside of ourselves and forget we have power within us to create our transformation. By channeling Mother Earth and the power of her amazing Geological gifts, we can amplify our divine inner-strength. We can use her precious elements that emit vibrations to re-align our energy and, once again, continue to evolve towards our true purpose.

With this intention, I’d like to introduce Evolve Precious Elements Jewelry. It is a collection created from Earth’s gifts, each one with it’s own unique meaning and power. When you become the owner of our bracelets and necklaces you can be assured that each one is professionally matched to your individual needs and intentions. fully accompanied by a complete definition of it’s healing powers.

We are incredibly proud that our jewelry brings the power of the Earth to you, because quite simply, the most precious element is YOU!

About Patty

Hello! My name is Patty and I am the creator of Evolve jewelry. In addition to my RYT, Energy Healer, and Crystal and Gemstone certifications, I also have a Geology Degree. I find that my science background has given me a much deeper appreciation for the Earth and its gifts, namely the transformation that happens deep below the surface to form these beautiful creations.

If you are here, then you are seeking knowledge about your own Evolution. I am honored to be a guide on your journey. The stones for each piece I create are carefully chosen to support your Chakras and designed to shift the flow of energy in your body. Each is cleared of any previous stored energy and then infused with Heart Chakra energy (Love).

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