Carnelian stone is one of the most important stones for Sacral Chakra, the energy center located at the pelvis. This bright orange Chalcedony, a form of Quartz, stimulates the Life Force of your body. It enhances passion, creativity, and sexuality.

In the ancient world, Carnelian was associated with the fertility goddess, Isis/Aphrodite. It can be seen in this carved piece from the first Century BC.

Photo credit: Marie-Ian Nguyen

Experts believe this depicts a Ptolemaic (Ancient Egyptian) queen carrying the cornucopia of Isis. Ancients also wore insignia rings adorned with Carnelian and carved their seals out of Carnelian rock.

This deep orange gemstone is a stabilizing crystal, perfect for rooting you to the present. It is a crystal of action, which helps you overcome procrastination and indecision. It helps restore motivation and stimulates new ideas. If you use Carnelian, you will have the ability to embrace change.

Known as the Singer’s Stone, This particular crystal promotes a confident, clear voice and the courage for performances on stage. It assists speakers with stage fright become courageous and bold.

Carnelian is one that Adele can’t go without. She is an avid crystal user and when she loses them, she panics and has anxiety. She cites this as her reason for her less than spectacular Grammy performance in 2016.

Physically, Carnelian stimulates the metabolism and the blood to the organs and tissues. It aids the reproductive organs and increases fertility, heals lower back problems, and detoxifies the body.

sacral chakra carnelian gemstone crystal

Carnelian Sacral Chakra Charm Bracelet


This is a good stone for the Zodiac signs of Aries and Virgo. It instills confidence and assertiveness, while soothing and calming.


Carnelian Stone and Other Stones

To promote deeper healing of the Sacral Chakra, I combine Carnelian with other stones, including Citrine, Orange Aventurine, Orange Quartz, Sunstone, and Mookaite Jasper.

When I want to work on clearing all my lower chakras, I combine it with Root and Solar Plexus Chakra stones, such as Garnet, Obsidian, Mookaite, Citrine, Yellow Agate, Rutliated Quartz.

Carnelian can also be combined with Sacral Chakra Essential Oils for even greater healing, Put a few drops  on the Black Lava rock, as these are porous and act as a diffuser.

Ylang Ylang or Neroli calms an overactive chakra.

Cardamom stimulates an underactive chakra

Sweet Orange or Sandalwood keep it in balance

sacral chakra carnelian lava rock essential oils

Carnelian Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Charm Bracelet


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