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Part 3 – How to Use a Mala in 3 Easy Steps


You have selected your new mala. You are ready to use it. So now what do you do? In addition to wearing your lovely necklace, you may want to start using it during your meditation.

How do you do that, you may ask?!?

I know that the hardest part of doing anything new is getting started. And it is in this moment where we will very easily talk ourselves out of it. We imagine a hugely complicated process that we don’t know how to do. We tell ourselves that we can’t do it like the professionals do it, so why bother. We also can think of a million things we need to be doing at any given moment, and sitting on the floor with our eyes closed doing nothing is not one of them.

In order to combat ourselves telling ourselves these things, I would say: start small and easy.

Only 3 steps.

1. Find a comfortable seated position. Hold your mala in your hand. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale a few times.


Inhale to a count of four, then exhale to a count of four. Since your mind can only think of one thing at any given moment, counting will allow you to focus on something other than all of the internal chattering. You may decide to do Step 1 for a certain period of time, maybe for 30 seconds or 1 minute, then evaluate your mind and body. Then, you may decide to gradually increase your time each day and then move on to Step 2.


2. Set an intention, or choose your mantra or affirmation.

This is a short phrase you can repeat (silently or out loud) this as you are meditating with your mala. You can try some of the following ones or create your own:

“Om mani padme hum” – A Sanskrit phrase to aid in transformation into something more pure in mind body, and spirit.

“I am Grounded – A perfect mantra for the Root Chakra or with a Root Chakra stone mala

“Yam” – The vibrational sound of the Heart Chakra. This can be used with Heart Chakra Stones, such as Rose Quartz.


Once you have chosen, you may move on to Step 3


3. Begin using your mala.


prayerbeads meditation mala beads

Starting at the guru bead, hold it between your thumb and pointer finger.

Say your mantra, then move to the next bead. The idea is that you will say your mantra 108 times, the number of beads in the necklace. Since it is very easy to lose count, when you reach the guru bead again, you know you have completed 108.

Just know that it may take you a while to be able to meditate for 108 mantras. If you have a mala with marker beads, a shorter mala , or a wrist mala, you can do a shorter meditation to start.

So now you are ready to begin! Set small achievable goals for yourself, and you will get there!

Happy Mala-ing!


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