It’s mid-January and we are full swing into the New Year! When you scroll through your smartphone, people are abuzz about lots and lots of things going on in their lives.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, though, I hear crickets. All those excited, determined posts (from only 3 weeks ago!) about starting fresh have vanished into thin air.

Like they never happened.

And this got me thinking. Are people over this idea?

new year's resolutions

I think whether we attempt to make changes on Jan 1 or any other point during the year, the challenge will always be the same: we jump ship not too long after.

So why do we do this? And what can be done about it?

If you check out conventional “help” articles, such as this one from Shape Magazine they may offer some logical solutions, but there is a deeper reason as to why we have such a hard time keeping our promises to ourselves.

And it has to do with energetic cords.

Energetic cords are emotional attachments to something. Visualize them as ropes connecting you to people, places, things, and events. Sometimes they are made out of fine silk, where you easily fray them. Others seem to be made out of steel, where it is impossible to break.

The reason these are considered energetic cords is that we give our energy to the things on the other end. Many of us have overpowering regrets about events  of our past which prevent us from moving forward. We may relive situations over and over, applying these emotions to present day situations that have nothing to do with the past. We turn away from opportunities that present themselves because of that fear caused by these attachments

While some people are aware of their cords, most times people are completely unaware that they are acting from this place. They keep repeating the same patterns, puzzled as to why.

When we make New Year’s Resolutions or other pledges to change our lives, after trying for a while, it becomes too easy to fall back into an old routine.

But this is why we have to do serious work to change our patterns and get lots of support to help us get past the tough parts.

How can gemstones help?

From a crystal standpoint, I have found that Howlite is a go-to stone to help cut energetic ties. It helps give you the strength to let go of unhealthy attachments and old emotional pain. I have used it frequently in making jewelry because I believe it is THAT important.

Here are some examples.

howlite crown chakra orange agate sacral chakra buddha

Howlite and Orange Agate Buddha Bracelet


howlite rose quartz african turquoise chakra heart chakra crown chakra throat chakra

“Release Your Heart” Howlite and Rose Quartz Necklace

As we know, change is a challenging, emotional process. The good thing is that Howlite is called the “Calming Stone.” This gemstone releases anger and bitterness, while revealing wisdom and enlightenment. If you meditate with it, Howlite can help you connect to higher consciousness and remove the blockages to truths in your life. It allows you to move forward with your goals and leave the past in the past.

So whether you want to call your goals for this year “resolutions” or not, pick up some Howlite and and take a step into your future!