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How to Choose a Mala

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one Mala necklace! Here are 4 handy tips to help you narrow it down:

1. Let your intuition guide you

Those who work with and study stones will be the first to say that you will be drawn to the one you need the most. Look at a few different mala necklaces and see which one speaks to you. Then, just for fun, look up the meaning of the stone. You will be amazed! It will be just what you needed.

mala rudraksha rose quartz

Rudraksha Seed and Rose Quartz Mala

2. Familiarize yourself with Gemstone meanings.

There is a wealth of information available on gemstones. (A great reference guide to have on hand is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall) Each stone has its own unique characteristics, healing properties, and vibration. This causes each stone to be able to be used for specific circumstance.

Need a good go-to grounding crystal? Try a Root Chakra stone like Obsidian.

obsidian beads yoga meditation crystal gemstone sugar skull mala Snowflake Obsidian Bracelet

What if you are looking for a very distinct quality? Here’s an example of one: There are many choices for Heart Chakra, but you can do further research to determine which may suit your individual needs. If are looking for more compassion, peace, and comfort, Rose Quartz is a great choice. If you are working on forgiveness and healing difficult relationships with others, try Rhodonite.

rose quartz heart chakra love chakras yoga bracelet

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Charm Bracelet

rhodonite amethyst beads mala bracelet heart chakra

“Imagine” Rhodonite Bracelet

3. Check out the physical properties of the beads.

Gemstones have many physical properties, including color, density, and texture. These will change the way the stone feels in your hands and on your neck.

Certain stones are light, such as Clear Quartz, while other stones will feel heavier, colder and more substantial, such as Obsidian and Hematite. Also, some malas are made of wood or seeds, which are lighter than stones. As a result, these will feel airy, warm, and easier to manipulate in your fingers.

rosewoodbeads mala beads

Rosewood Beads

Is scent important to you? Wood, such as Sandalwood, has an earthy scent. Also, certain porous beads, such as Lava Rock, can be infused with essential oils for aromatherapy healing.

4. Which color catches your eye?

You can also choose mala beads based on color, especially if working with the 7 chakras. For example, Amethyst can be used for the Third Eye Chakra, to assist in developing your intution, while Smoky Quartz can be used for the Root Chakra, and help you be more stable and secure.

amethyst crystal third eye chakra yoga

Amethyst Third Eye Chakra Bracelet

Next Steps

Now that you have some tips to choose your mala, start looking for your special necklace. Regardless of which combination of tips you use, somehow, you will always end up with the one just right for you!

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